Healthy staff often leads to a healthy profit

By Shana Daniel, RHN

Today, companies across North America are adopting the notion that health and wellness within the workplace is not only a feature of attraction for its staff, but a win-win for both the employer and employee.

Although “brown bagging” a lunch to work may seem prehistoric to many nowadays, it has once again come full circle. Only this time, chock full of nutrient-dense foods and most likely a bottle of water.

Keeping up with the latest food trends can be challenging for those who keep tight schedules with office and home commitments. Today, employers are realizing their contribution to office wellness is more attainable with the availability of nutrition professionals who can educate and motivate staff at regular intervals. Employers are finding some dramatic outcome in that sick time is reduced, employee productivity is increased and team building has strengthened.

If you’re considering how to begin the process of employee wellness within your arena of the corporate work week, searching for a registered holistic nutritionist is easy to do with a quick Google search.

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