Green condo development set for Stouffville

It’s not just another condo going up in town.

Among the many new higher-density residential complexes on the go, one of the more unique is LivGreen Stouffville, a residential project committed to sustainability by incorporating outstanding new construction technologies and old-world craftsmanship according to the developers.

The developers of the project, Liv Green Condominiums, who are building on the site of what was the Lion pub at Weldon and Main St, recently went before council to request some minor amendments to bi-laws that would hasten the project if granted, including an increase in the floor space, increased density and more height. But the focus is still on sustainability.

Included in this idea is sustainably sourced building materials, extra insulated windows throughout, a geo-thermal heating core (heat and cold from earth channeled up to heat building) , LED lights throughout and a bank of solar panels on the roof that will connect to electric car charging stations and parking lot lights.

In addition, the photo voltaic collection system (solar) feeds energy back into the traditional electric grid and provides shade to the roof reducing solar heat gain in hot months.

One significant complaint of apartments and condos has been the single-stream waste process employed by most. But the LivGreen arrangement looks to solve that by having dedicated waste, green and recycle systems that are streamed to separate compactors.

Add to all these elements, priority biking parking areas, energy monitors for every unit, energy efficient appliances, low-flow toilets and water spouts, a rainwater recycling apparatus for the building that will, in part, feed the native shrubs, grasses and plants. The list is extensive and perhaps a template for future development in the town.

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