It would be nice to try to forget about COVID-19 for an afternoon while visiting a sanctuary.

Thanks to a local lady, there are some pigs enjoying life at the Sweet Acres Pig Sanctuary located at 2798 Vivian Rd.

Five years ago, Kristen Duggan rescued a six month old potbelly pig called Sadie.

“I had heard about Tea Cup pigs and, much to my horror, I realized what breeders were doing to make money, selling piglets way too young,” Duggan said. “Keeping them small due to lack of food. Once I became part of other sanctuary’s the door opened up to many more pigs that needed homes due to bylaw issues and growing too big, lack of education and understanding.”

Duggan now has 11 rehomed and rescued potbelly pigs living at Sweet Acres Pig Sanctuary.

“Every pig at the sanctuary has a safe home, and is treated with unconditional love,” Duggan said.

She has opened her doors to the public with educational tours for Sparks, Girl Guides and homeschooling groups, just to mention a few.

Families are allowed to pet and feed the pigs and fall in love with their favourite ones. Sponsorship for their favourite pig is also an option.

“I ask for a voluntary donation of $20 per family,” Duggan said. “This goes towards food and straw and pen repairs.

She also has two amusement rides for the kids, bon fires and games. Families are able to hug a 150-year-old willow tree which makes for a great family photo.

For more information, you can find Sweet Acres Pig Sanctuary on Facebook or you can contact Duggan at 416-805-6607 to book a tour.



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