This residence was converted from the old church in Ringwood. It was an iconic landmark and part of the 19th-century community of Ringwood. The current boundaries place this property in a rural setting just outside the boundary for the Community of Stouffville.

The early settlers were here before the turn of the century (1800). The first land patent went to George Faukler (Fockler) on Oct. 10, 1809. The next land transaction was John Fockler sold to George Fockler all 200 acres for $40 in 1827. The main farm was divided up to family in various pieces.

The church was formed with a charter membership of 13 men and 15 women on Oct. 6, 1824, according to early records kept by the church’s clerk, Albert Reesor.

The first meetings were held in a school house a mile and a quarter west. This was the location of a hamlet known as Hammet’s Holm, a fully independent German community. You can vision this as you drive by the intersection of McCowan Road and Stouffville Road. The early church was partnered with Bloomington as a sister church also of Christian denomination. Bloomington had a building by 1833 which was north on 9th Line.

It was a frame building built in 1868 situated closer to the road. In October 1951, the 127th anniversary of the church, it was raised to be moved back thirty feet to the north and have a new foundation. Many generous donations helped with this major undertaking. The treasurer of the building fund, Roy Grove, reported that these many generous free will offerings by friends had provided support for the church and the Sunday school.

The church held the 118th Conference of Congregational Christian Churches in Ontario. The focus of the conference was to highlight the attributes of the community such as determination, sincerity and good fellowship all which were well demonstrated in their actions.

The many families that attended and had picnics, dinners and outings at this church  could fill a book. The span of years from 1824 to 1996 is a lot of history and a variety of different personalities as ministers of the gospel for this church. This represents a 172 years of faithfulness and devotion in the community.

Photo: This building at 5062 Stouffville Road, Lot 1 Con 7 Whitchurch was the Ringwood Congregational Christian Church from 1824 to 1996.

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