Fatoumata Diawara is a singing sensation. Her voice is like butter, her music is like taking a trip and her music videos are a visual treat for the senses.

She is a Malian singer-songwriter and multiple Grammy award nominee.

Colours, a headscarf, jewels and eye-catching pops of reds, blues and polka dots are some of what you can expect from Diawara.

Her music videos also include special messages of life skills and reminders of being good people.

For instance, in her video entitled Bonya, one subtitle reads that we are all entitled to and deserve respect. This musically-gifted singer is looking to spread love, respect and much more through her videos and her artistic expressions.

Her music provides for really easy listening, even if one does not know or understand the African language. Her costumes are simply enchanting and help one experience the fashion-forward styles of Africa.

One of the most fun aspects of being at a Fatoumata Diawara concert is the fact that she engages her audience in various ways into the music, including, among others, having them clap along or talking to them in French and letting them know she appreciates them.

Speaking to Diawara will quickly reveal that she values love above all else and that comes through in her music.

She will be performing Feb. 28 at the Markham Flato Theatre.

Visit flatomarkhamtheatre.ca for more details.


Photo: Fatoumata Diwara performs Feb. 28 in Markham.

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