Family Fun Day supports United Way

York Region Public Works employees promote health, safety and quality of life for our residents.

Public works involves things such as building roads, water infrastructure and maintaining services residents use every day.

To raise awareness of the importance of public works, York Regional Council recognizes May 19 to 25, 2019 as National Public Works Week.

This year’s theme, “It Starts Here” represents the many aspects of daily life that start with public works, including infrastructure, growth, innovation, mobility, quality of life and healthy communities.

On May 25  from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., York Region will host the annual Family Fun Day and charity barbecue at York Region’s Transit Operations, Maintenance and Storage Facility at 55 Orlando Drive (just northeast of Hwy. 404 and 16th Avenue).

Proceeds from the charity barbecue will support the United Way Greater Toronto.

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