April 22 marked Earth Day and sparked change and action across many communities in Stouffville including Musselman’s Lake and Stouffville Reservoir Park.

Musselman’s Lake hosted their community clean-up as residents, like Diana Messina and her dog Oden, came out to support the cause.

“It’s just a small but great opportunity to help the neighbourhood. It’s so nice to see everyone out to support the community”, Messina explains.

Kyle Jenkin, part of the Musselman’s Lake Residents Association, says events like these gives satisfaction to the community.

“It’s a tremendous sense of pride. It gives everyone a sense of ownership of their community. Hopefully, if the kids and the parents are going around cleaning up the garbage that’s here, they’re less likely to throw garbage on the ground.”

At the Stouffville Reservoir, the clean-up continued along with planting of tree saplings.

Shelley, Evan and Lucy Williams participated in the clean-up while others looked to give back to the Earth by planting tree saplings.

“It’s important that we help out our community and also teach our kids what it means to be a good member of the community. We are showing them how to be responsible”, says Shelley Williams.

Earth Day is annually celebrated on April 22 in support for environmental protection. Starting in 1970, Earth Day is now celebrated in 193 countries.

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