Conservatives complete local roster of federal candidates

As the SNC Lavalin saga drags on in Ottawa and Liberal incumbents feel the pressure there and at home, Conservatives are getting pumped up about their chances in the next

Markham-Thornhill Conservative candidate Alex Yuan with Markham-Unionville MP Bob Saroya

election this fall and ramping up local efforts including nominating a candidate in the last open riding in the area, Markham-Stouffville.

While Markham-Unionville incumbent MP Bob Saroya had long been declared the nominated candidate there and has been taking to the doors already, when not in Ottawa,  long-time party activist and past PC candidate Alex Yuan has been doing the same for a few months in Markham-Thornhill. Yuan will take on Trudeau loyalist Mary Ng, currently Minister of Small Business and Export Promotion.

Markham Stouffville Conservative candidate Theo Antony

Yuan demonstrated his drawing power this past weekend hosting a sold-out fundraiser that collected together over a dozen elected Conservative politicians from every level of government.

Meanwhile, on the same evening Conservative members in Markham-Stouffville chose Tamil businessman Theodore Antony to take on Jane Philpott in the fall despite not being seen as the leading candidate going into the contest.

The NDP have not nominated any candidates in the Markham and Stouffville areas.


photo: Elected and nominated Conservatives

gathered in a show of mutual support at a recent fundaiser

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