Bikes are tuned up. Now what about the weather?

The annual Tiny Seedling’s Spring Bicycle Safety Check event was again a hit as dozens of cyclists got a jump start on spring by making sure their steed was ready to go at the bicycle clinic.

Even those without bikes were happy at the Tiny Seedlings Bike Clinic (l-r) Tiny Seedling’s Darlene Shaw and Alec Cloke, Ward 3 councillor Hugo Kroon, and Shana Daniel.

As it turns out, the weather was distinctly not cooperating as the cold and rainy conditions deterred the less hearty from a prolonged test-drive of their setups provided by Boyd’s Sports. But the event at Tiny Seedlings headquarters at 6043 Main St. had a spring vibe.

Also on hand were all the people who want you to be safe, the police, paramedics and firefighters. YRP were dispensing safety tips, but firefighters always have the edge for kids attention with those big shiny trucks. Either way, the message of safe biking got out.

Kids also got a chance to win a boys or girls bike.

Main photo: Boyd’s Sports provided the expertise tuning up bikes at the free Tiny Seedlings sponsored event.


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