Balance vs. Harmony

How often do you find yourself scanning the aisles or produce sections of your favourite grocery store, willing the very item you’re looking for to jump into your hands?

For some, the idea of grocery shopping is a daunting task. For others, it’s an outing of discovery for those passionate to learn about the latest and greatest of new products or nature’s finest gracing the display stands.

All too often, I find my clients are in one of three categories. The first, who engage in the notion that by eating the same thing day in and out somehow contributes to them being their optimal best. The second, those who passionately explore ingredient lists, looking for buzz words on a quest to find the latest hybrid fruit or veggie, convinced will result in a magical outcome similar to that of the fountain of youth. Lastly, the individual who views their choices as educated ones, combining their sense of values based on the benefits of their choices.
Is a variety of nothing better than a monotony of something?

For me, identifying food as fuel is definite. Realizing that consistent food choices day in and out contribute to balance of the body. The question is though, how do we create harmony with our choices?

As scientific research reiterates that there’s an emotional tie to eating, it also discourages the notion that food is medicine. In my scope of practice, it’s with utmost certainty told that my clients see marked improvements in their health by their food choices alone. Between the macronutrients (carbs, fats and proteins) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are so many other diverse categories more recognized as of late.

Amino acids found in proteins are synthesized to various neurotransmitters, which in turn greatly benefit cognitive function, with anxiety and depression so prevalent today, this research and findings are important. Additionally, this protein makes up assists various other systems of the body, with the muscular system at the top of the ladder. Antioxidants which are becoming more recognized for beneficial cell structure and disease prevention have not only been identified as vitamins A, C, E, along with the minerals zinc and selenium, but we are now isolating specific names sourced from foods like green tea, dark chocolate, berries, red wine and more. New discoveries tout that specific combinations of antioxidants are powerhouse vehicles which in turn lead to enhanced health in all categories. For example, blueberries and dark chocolate together make a superhero antioxidant where each on their own are not as supercharged. Conventional dairy, organic dairy and grass fed dairy is the latest hype surrounding a specific food group which Canada’s food guide is now admitting to possibly being less of a necessity in the standard North American diet. The use of a specific table salt which was used for decades only promised one nutritional benefit compared to the sea salt we all flock to which is devoid specifically of iodine, but at the same time a healthier source of the sodium we are looking for in cooking applications. Could this singularly be attributed to more thyroid complications today? Free range eggs, organic eggs and the colour of the yolks which are advertised to determine the nutrient density of the food itself is on the rise. What determines the extra omega 3 boost specific brands boast you ask? The hens are being fed fish oils of all kinds. Does this unnatural process enhance our health? Or harm it? The notion of how clean fat consumption can actually benefit fat loss is instilling more belief that fat doesn’t truly make us fat. Reported cognition improvements and a decline in memory loss conditions when consumed properly are also reported benefits. Probiotic and prebiotic assembly in the intestinal tract which wards off the proliferation of the bad bacterias we don’t want, in turn, enhances the beneficial activity required for effective assimilation of what’s been consumed, therefore contributing to enhanced immunity. The list goes on and on…

Be your body’s best friend and take charge of navigating what’s going to benefit you.
A variety of nothing is better than a monotony of something.
You certainly are what you eat and there’s no better time than the present than to reap the rewards of whole food nutrition.

By Shana Daniel, RHN

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