Award-winning children’s musical is fun for all ages

Marky Monday’s Adventures in Dreamland is a rock musical for children of all ages. The one-hour, 10-minute performance features comedic sing-along catchy rock/funk songs that outline a wacky cast of characters in an imaginative dream world filled with real-life lessons. Through the use of music, comedy, interesting characters, and a journey to meet the owner of the dreamland, Marky Monday learns the values of respecting others, honesty, and how to build loving, compassionate friendships while thinking for oneself and maintaining integrity.

Marky’s journey begins when he falls to sleep and meets a giant banana at an ice cream store. The two of them venture to see Munir McTickles, the owner of Dreamland, who creates all the rules of the land. On the way, they meet Ernie Palsoni the celebrity turtle, and Chick Chick Chicken, who is scared of everything. They all have their reasons for wanting to see the owner of Dreamland and have to work together, accepting their diversity, to figure out why Chick Chick Chicken’s eggs have gone missing. As the story unfolds, everything is not as it appears to be in Dreamland. An imposter has been secretly misleading and lying to everyone for his own benefit.

Marky Monday’s Adventures in Dreamland is not only a live performance, but is also available with illustrations, transcript, and audio download complete with story, narration, characters, sound effects and fully produced music.

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