This two story home at 30 Albert St., originally noted as Lot 21/22 Plan 35 in Town files, has a crisp and clean look with white paint that brightens the corner of Albert and Second St. The house was originally built by Abraham B. Pipher c. 1880, a local builder/carpenter and architect.  Some local residents remember it as a red brick home but we have no photographs to prove this.

                Abraham was the son of John and Mary Pipher. John and Mary were married in 1825 and had 13 children. Abraham was one of the youngest being the 11th child and born in 1849. He married Mary Kitely, August 9, 1872. Both were from Whitchurch Township. They had two children. Their first child was born in Feb. 1883 named Ruby Pearl. She died in Nov. 1883, at 9 months and 14 days. The second child Janetta was born 1895.

                This home’s architecture and workmanship are elaborate. Its design style is referred to as Italianate. The arched windows with key stones, add details to the window features. Also noteworthy is the double door with decorative mouldings and curve top. The contrast of the natural tones with the white paint, help to make it a special standout feature.

                Most Italianate style villas including this building have facades that are irregular, very un-Georgian. The low slope roof on the watchtower feature has an ornamented cornice with decorative brackets.

This building at the corner of Albert St. was likely the first home Abraham built which started his outstanding profession. However, while Pipher is listed in the Dictionary of Canadian Architects and builders. He is not credited with this home in the Architecture Dictionary as no proof of documents has him named as architect.

He left Stouffville in 1887 to live and built in the West Toronto Junction, near Keele St. and Dundas Ave. He added to his portfolio a three storey hotel, a block of commercial stores and a variety of houses. Abraham later left Toronto and went to Buffalo, New York where he continued building and designing homes. Near the end of his career he returned to live in Aurora, likely to be near family residing in the surrounding area. While here he built three homes in the neighbourhood of Temperance St.

                Mr. Pipher passed away while visiting his granddaughter in Buffalo. He was 80 years old.

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