Month: December 2017

Use your voice to help end youth violence

York Regional Police wants youth to use their voice to help end violence. In an effort help achieve victory over violence, police are asking talented musicians, 24 years old or younger, living in York Region, to record an original song on the theme of ending youth violence. Entries must not exceed four minutes in length and be submitted as a video recording of their live performance. Deadline for entries is 4 p.m. on Jan. 11. The top 12 contestants will be selected to perform their original song at a “Voices Over Violence” event at Cosmo Music in Richmond Hill...

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Changes happening throughout York Region in 2018

As York Region continues to grow and become popular for new residents and businesses, many have noticed significant changes occurring regularly to accommodate the growth. Which adjustments are being made by the area towns and cities compared to those undertaken by the regional government is unclear. York Regional chairman Wayne Emmerson reflected on the accomplishments of this past year and shared what’s in store for 2018. “2017 was a very busy year and I’m very pleased with the amount work and accomplishments York Region Council has done with our staff,” he said. Most of the region’s work has focused...

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Spirit of WS captured in photo contest

When people were asked to capture the spirit of the town, they did just that. There were more than 125 submissions in the year-long, Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville 150 photo contest. The contest was presented to celebrate Canada 150 and entrants were encouraged to photograph events, people and the heritage of the town. The top 25 photographs will be displayed at the town hall gallery until the end of January and featured in the Whitchurch-Stouffville 2018 calendar. The top five winners (Barb Lant, Anastasia Zharova, Clarke Kennedy, Amy Buchanan and Shere Donald) also received gift cards from Henry’s Camera...

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Town eyes policy after expenses challenged

Whitchurch-Stouffville is looking to develop an expense policy after a former mayor called out two current town politicians for their spending habits. Appearing at a recent council meeting, Sue Sherban, who was mayor of Whitchurch-Stouffville from 2003-2006, singled out Mayor Justin Altmann and Ward 6 Councillor Rob Hargrave for their expenditures. Sherban was also Ward 6 councillor from 1997-2003. Both politicians defended their spending as not out of the ordinary and were surprised they were being scrutinized. Sherban zeroed in on the identities and number of people that were invited to join the politicians at town-paid events. She also questioned...

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Town’s reputation triggers repercussions

The Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville’s “troubled” reputation is making it tough to attract qualified workers, and is leading to a delay in construction projects. Commenting on a recent report presented to town council, Ward 2 Councillor Maurice Smith said feedback shows builders and developers are frustrated at the slow pace of permit issuance caused by the lack of staff to handle the workload. “One of the regular complaints that I hear is that if there is a delay of a project, or there is a problem with a project, and it has come back to a department, no one is...

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