Month: November 2017

New parking rules now in effect

Parking on Whitchurch-Stouffville roads for more than three hours can now bring you a ticket. New bylaw changes enacted by the Town means the three-hour limit is now back in effect on all streets and highways throughout the municipality. The on-street parking program has also been eliminated. “On-street parking was raised as a major concern for residents in the recent parking study,” said Linda Mainprize, Municipal Law Enforcement Manager for the Town. “Returning to three-hour parking restrictions helps alleviate congestion and drivers using streets as their primary parking location.” The Town has not indicated how much the parking fines will...

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A Christmas Carol

MOTUS O CHRISTMAS TRADITION IN 10TH YEAR Local dance theatre company MOTUS O’s production of “A Christmas Carol” has become an annual Christmas tradition for many local families – both to watch – and for a keen cast of children and teens each year- to perform in. Since inception, the show has combined professionals with a large cast of local children and teens in a unique reworking of Charles Dickens’ famous story. This 10th Anniversary Christmas production will see it return to the Flato Markham Theatre where the production was first launched.  This year, Ebenezer Scrooge will be visited...

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6465 Main St.     

Tannery Lot east side, part of Plan51. This home was referred to as the “Flint home”. It was built c.1875 for John B. Flint the son of George Flint. The Flint Foundry was next door. The foundry was where the famous revolving horse –rake was manufactured. It could pull and thresh green peas in a single operation. What a technological advance! This piece of agricultural equipment was the winner of first prize at the Provincial Exhibition, 1868. John B. Flint was the son of George and Mary Rose (Teed) Flint. He was born in Rochester, New York on July...

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Library awards Family of the Year honours

  The Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library knows that people are its backbone. That includes the many families that see the library as their community hub.  In recognition of this appreciation, the Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library has instituted an annual “Family of the Year” award which honours a family in the community for its interest in, use of, and support of the Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library. Each year the recipient is an individual or a family who makes use of the resources that the Library has to offer and who appreciates and benefits from its services. The recipient of the “Family of the...

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“It’s Raining Men”

Can’t help but sing along with The Weather Girls every time I hear this classic song! Yes, gentlemen this month’s issue is dedicated to YOU in honour of MOVEMBER. According to the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP): “Research has found that periodontal disease is higher in men (56.4 percent) than in women (38.4 percent).” This is extremely important due to the strong correlation found between one’s oral and overall health. What’s the connection you ask? Well, inflammation. Inflammation is your bodies natural response to any form of injury, stress, infection or outside threats. Inflammation can be localized (restricted to...

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