Month: April 2017

Cleaning up the town

April 22 marked Earth Day and sparked change and action across many communities in Stouffville including Musselman’s Lake and Stouffville Reservoir Park. Musselman’s Lake hosted their community clean-up as residents, like Diana Messina and her dog Oden, came out to support the cause. “It’s just a small but great opportunity to help the neighbourhood. It’s so nice to see everyone out to support the community”, Messina explains. Kyle Jenkin, part of the Musselman’s Lake Residents Association, says events like these gives satisfaction to the community. “It’s a tremendous sense of pride. It gives everyone a sense of ownership of...

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Lemonville art show

Local artists gather for Lemonville art show The Lemonville Group of Artists gathers once again for their 24th Annual Art Show and Sale at the Lemonville Community Centre. The show consists of nineteen artists in the group showing off their best original paintings with styles from watercolours, and acrylics while playing with traditional painting mediums. The show and sale is a favourite for many Stouffville residents as the Lemonville Group expects up to see 300 to 500 people throughout the show. “We have many people who come back year after year. We have people who are so anxious to...

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Mayor shares his growth vision

Mayor Justin Altmann’s annual dinner presented by the Whitchurch – Stouffville Chamber of Commerce, proved to be a sell-out success with hundreds joining the mayor at Spring Lakes Golf Club for a municipal update that covered Go Train developments, population dispersal, economic development as well as excellent food and networking. He also took the opportunity to put forward his vision for growth. Pointing to the current council’s wise fiscal management plan, the mayor noted that the area is relatively undertaxed but efficient in it’s spending. “Whitchurch-Stouffville is one of the lowest ranking areas of all of Ontario of 444...

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6332 Main St. Lot 15W Plan 70

The building located two doors east of O’Neil’s Funeral Home is now known as the Way Cool Tattoo parlour. This structure has adapted to many changes over the long history of the property. As we travel back to the early days of the Village of Stouffville. Archiblad Samuel Leaney had a General Store here. The shape of the store looks like a previous renovation had added a box to the front of the original building. However, this may not be true. We now have just received a photo of the store back before the turn of the century. It...

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There’s a new buzzword floating around the nutrition world right now called Microbiome. Each of us lives with trillions of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi in and around our bodies. We all have a unique set of cells in and around our skin, our mouths, our gut, etc. In each area, these cells are known as microbiota — for example, the “oral microbiota.” Together, they make up the microbiome, said to be the largest organ in the body. The microbiome starts developing at birth and continues to change until about age three. During birth, a baby moves from a...

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