Month: March 2017

The Standard Bank, 6335 Main St.

Plan 51 part of Lot 1c formerly Lot 35 Con 8 Markham This building was built to be used as a bank and was originally named the Standard Bank. The business ran from the late 1880s until 1928. It appears on the 1910 fire insurance map of Stouffville as a brick building on Main St. It was located in the heart of downtown to accommodate the business transactions in town. Next door was the multi-purpose fire hall and library, now 19 on the Park—an area filled with buildings of cultural and historical value. The front of the bank once...

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Daylight savings time could save your life

As per tradition, at 2 am on March 12, the clocks move ahead by one hour. It is also – as National Fire Protection Association notes – the perfect time to check and recheck smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and replace batteries. Three of every five fire deaths resulted from fires in homes with no working smoke alarms or no smoke alarms at all. Additionally, dead batteries caused nearly 25 per cent of smoke alarm failures. Along with a working smoke alarm, one should also have carbon monoxide (CO) alarms. As of 2015, the Hawkins-Gignac Act was introduced in...

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Nutrition Month

Though year-round nutrition is key, experts note. This month, in particular, is one to watch what you heat. March is Nutrition Month, with Dieticians of Canada spearheading a campaign to support Canadians in their struggles with food. The slogan for the 2017 campaign is “Take the fight out of food! Spot the Problem. Get the facts. Seek Support.” The goal is to provide information and guidance to Canadians to make it easier to end their fight with food. There is an abundance of health and nutrition information in a continually growing market. People are trying to become more educated...

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