Month: August 2016

Latcham happenings: Teen paintings and sinkholes

This summer, Stouffville’s popular art gallery is hosting a new program to engage local youth through painting, offering free drop-­‐in studio days Aug. 2 through Aug. 5 between 10am and 7pm. Teens are invited to drop by the studio to get creative and collaborate on a mural painting, for an hour or all day long. This is an opportunity to get creative, develop artistic skills, or try something new in a welcoming, encouraging environment. These will be fun, informal painting sessions, with music and snacks to keep participants energized. Bring some friends or go alone and ready to meet...

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Main St. reconstruction delayed

If you thought the messy work upgrading Main St. was going to go off without a hitch, you are about to be disappointed as the Town of Whitchurch Stouffville released a notification letting residents know that soil contamination discovered under the roadway must be cleaned up before reconstruction of the main drag between 10th line and Stouffer. Soil sampling between Stouffer Street and Tenth Line was completed to assess existing soil conditions and determine the associated requirements for soil management and disposal.  Results of the laboratory analysis indicated levels of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH’s) that exceeded the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change’s Soil, Ground Water and Sediment Standards. PAH’s are typically related to fuel and incomplete combustion and include such materials as creosote‐treated products or spills of petroleum products.  “Our first concern is always for the safety and well‐being of our residents and workers,” said Rob Flindall, Director of Public Works. “The Town will ensure that the materials removed from the construction site are properly handled, including keeping dust to a minimum.”  The impacted soils are located below the asphalt road surface and do not pose a threat to public health.  The Town has determined that the best approach to manage the impacted soils is to safely dispose of all excavated material at a properly licensed facility.  The first phase of the Main Street reconstruction project consists...

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Stouffville Reads: The battle is on

Reading may not seem like a battle sport to the casual observer. But make no mistake, there are a number of titles skirmishing over the warn weather months for the hearts, mind and attention of Stouffville readers. The annual Stouffville Reads initiative is a yearly event designed to “celebrate reading and community.” The reading, whether done digitally or on old-fashioned paper, involves the participation of Town leaders and influencers. Organized by the Town library, each Stouffville Reads “Champion” chooses a book that impressed them in some way and deserves to be read by the entire Town. The picks each...

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Philpott: Summer break brings no relief from big issues

Some MPs get more media than others. Markham—Stouffville MP Jane Philpott gets a lot. Tasked with heading up the refugee file with fellow Markham MP John McCallum, sharing some work on marijuana legalization with former Toronto police chief Bill Blair, to being the lead minister on doctor-assisted suicide and safe-injection sites the rookie MP and health minister is a force to be reckoned with. In an interview with the Review, she notes the importance of her ministerial work and the demanding schedule tending to national and international issues, but expressed a determination to keep time aside for constituent matters...

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