Month: August 2016

Stouffville bans sky lanterns

After a presentation by Town Fire Chief Rob McKenzie, council voted unanimously in favor of the ban of sky lantern, or Chinese lanterns, as they are sometimes referred, at Tuesday’s council meeting.  “Although they look nice, they pose a serious fire risk,” said Fire Chief McKenzie. “Once a user lights the fire in the lantern and lets it go, they have no control where or how far the lantern goes. Many times the lantern will come back to the ground and still be on fire.”  The recommendation included adding sky lanterns, also known as a Chinese lantern or flying...

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Young Life looks to build community bridges and authentic relations with teens

Young Life seeks to build bridges.
It’s easy to feel small and isolated in this hyper-connected world. Just ask the average teen. Despite having any number of ways to connect with others electronically, one can be left with a sense that the connections made are not very authentic and with less purpose that they might have hoped. But Young Life, founded by adults but made for teens, is determined to counter that stark narrative and instead focus on “building authentic friendships” and ensuring that teens see “their lives have great worth, meaning and purpose.”

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Whistle FM on the air, receives Town funds.

After petitioning the federal government to receive a more prominent signal on the dial, the new Whistle is now on the air. But to fully benefit from the move on the dial, a move of the antenna must also happen says a delegation from the station that broadcasts from the basement of the Stouffville Fine Furniture building on Main St.

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