Month: May 2016

Badminton not just a backyard game

When badminton is the topic of discussion, most people usually think of it as just some outdoor recreational sport to play at backyard barbecues. But when I hear it, I think of one of the fastest racquet sports in the world—and one that basically took up my whole life. Although badminton was first created in England, Asian countries now dominate in the sport. At first, badminton was played outdoors, but is now usually played indoors. It officially became a sport in the Olympic games during the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. Even when playing for fun, badminton is a total...

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Town’s doors opening again June 4

Open doors and welcome mats will line the town soon as Doors Open Whitchurch-Stouffville returns. Every year, as part of the province-wide Doors Open Ontario, local businesses, organizations and private buildings put out the welcome mat so that people can experience the unique story contained within the building that might not be accessible throughout the year, whether it is an historic building, unique use venue or community centrepiece. First begun in France in 1984, the idea of opening doors spread across Europe, with the City of Toronto taking up the tradition in 2000. In 2002, the Ontario Heritage Trust...

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