Author: Steve Pecar

Town eyes policy after expenses challenged

Whitchurch-Stouffville is looking to develop an expense policy after a former mayor called out two current town politicians for their spending habits. Appearing at a recent council meeting, Sue Sherban, who was mayor of Whitchurch-Stouffville from 2003-2006, singled out Mayor Justin Altmann and Ward 6 Councillor Rob Hargrave for their expenditures. Sherban was also Ward 6 councillor from 1997-2003. Both politicians defended their spending as not out of the ordinary and were surprised they were being scrutinized. Sherban zeroed in on the identities and number of people that were invited to join the politicians at town-paid events. She also questioned...

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Town’s reputation triggers repercussions

The Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville’s “troubled” reputation is making it tough to attract qualified workers, and is leading to a delay in construction projects. Commenting on a recent report presented to town council, Ward 2 Councillor Maurice Smith said feedback shows builders and developers are frustrated at the slow pace of permit issuance caused by the lack of staff to handle the workload. “One of the regular complaints that I hear is that if there is a delay of a project, or there is a problem with a project, and it has come back to a department, no one is...

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Library likely destination for Smiley statue

A statue of Smiley will likely find a permanent home on the grounds of Stouffville’s refurbished public library. The sightless Golden Retriever, who had become the unofficial Stouffville mascot, died this past fall, but for 14 years he could be seen around town as a goodwill ambassador, always available for a hug and willing to lend a helpful paw. Over time his notoriety grew as he became both a therapy dog and an inspiration for children to overcome their own adversity. Joanne George, the person who raised Smiley after rescuing him from a puppy mill, says a $30,000 bronze...

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Town struggles to pay for downtown Stouffville growth

The abrupt halt to the revitalization of downtown Stouffville is the talk of the town. And, it has raised a topic usually reserved for behind closed doors: Whitchurch-Stouffville is reaching beyond its means. The issue bubbled to the surface at a recent council meeting, when politicians and municipal officials acknowledged the town doesn’t have the money to fulfil its wish list of municipal work that needs to be done. “We have far more vision than resources … to do the projects we need to do,” remarked Ward 5 Coun. Iain Lovatt. Simply put, the town does not have the...

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Music fest set for downtown

A two-day music festival is coming to downtown Stouffville early in the new year. Wintersong, which is expected to bring more than 50 independent performers and artists into multiple venues along Main St., is set for January 19 and 20. Organized by Kevin Ker and Epidemic Music Group, the event will also be used to celebrate the Guinness World Record that was set earlier this year in Stouffville, when a conglomerate of musicians came together at the Earl of Whitchurch Pub to hold the longest concert by multiple artists over the course of 18 days. “It’s happening,” Ker told...

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Calendar of Events

  1. Latcham Gallery

    January 13 - February 24
  2. Masters of Illusion

    February 1 - February 4
  3. 19 on the Park

    February 10


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